In Concert:

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Choir Tour to Rouen, France. May 2012:

DSC_0992 DSC_0996 DSC_1002 DSC_1014 DSC_1006 DSC_1018 DSC_1023 DSC_1027 DSC_1028 DSC_1030 DSC_1033 DSC_1036 DSC_1039

Choir Tour to Ghent, Belgium. October 2010:

33749_436900769598_351451_n 33749_436900774598_3045721_n 65737_436893539598_7029912_n 66562_436899099598_7818948_n 68069_436903464598_5482083_n 68349_436895739598_3088222_n 68433_436909229598_4139714_n 68433_436909239598_2680603_n 68433_436909244598_7227721_n 69403_436890884598_7575149_n 69403_436890889598_1818976_n 72097_436906289598_2547383_n 72097_436906294598_3773652_n 72097_436906304598_6337685_n


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